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The Bellefontaine City School District has a strong​ tradition of academic excellence, competitive athletic programs, and arts programs that are second to none. The district earned the State of Ohio's "Excellence with Distinction" rating in 2012. The Value Added scores for our district rank in the top 5% in the state of Ohio. The current enrollment in the district is 2,650 students, who are housed in four buildings:Bellefontaine Elementary (K-2); Bellefontaine Intermediate (3-5), Bellefontaine Middle School (6-8) and Bellefontaine High School (9-12).    Our school affiliations include Discovery Center, Ohio Hi Point, and our online learning center, VLA. We are proud of the accomplishments of our district, and we're thankful for the overwhelming support we receive from the community!

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Alumni spotlight - John Colombo
Vice President Product Development and Operations, Cala Health I’m leading a team developing a therapy for people with Essential Tremor (ET), which is a shaking of the hands, head or feet that occurs with intentional movements. It’s a debilitating disease with no known cure.
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Summer Enrichment Academy 2018
Summer Enrichment Academy is designed to provide academic and creative challenges for gifted or highly motivated students entering second (2nd) grade through eighth (8th) grade (in the fall of 2018).
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Alumni Spotlight - Jamie Patrick
Alumni Spotlight - Jamie Patrick
It’s a great honor be featured in a BCS Alumni Spotlight. I’m proud of Bellefontaine and though I’m not currently living in our city, I’ve been able to successfully lobby a group of 25 MBA students from Stanford to visit Bellefontaine on a school field trip they will be taking across the Midwest at the end of March. Hopefully their trip will help them see why I find Bellefontaine to be such a special place.
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Alumni spotlight - Ally Marotti
The education gave me a really great foundation to go out into the world and learn more. By challenging myself with classes and being involved in as many activities as I could, I was able to discover what makes me come alive. I still play soccer, for example. It also taught me the vital skills of multitasking and prioritizing. A few teachers I had throughout my career at BCS, like Janet Fulton, Rachel Lang and others, helped me fall in love with reading and writing, and in doing so laid the foundation for my journalism career. Lisette Hiatt started teaching us Spanish in 6th grade, and I’ve used that skill in travels around the world, though I’m still not as good as I’d like to be. Art teachers like Sandy Winter helped me embrace my creativity, another vital part of writing professionally.
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Alumni spotlight - Jessica Haushalter
Some of my favorite memories of growing up in Bellefontaine include participating in the cross-country and track teams in high school. Both teams had such great camaraderie and I loved the friendships I built on the field – nothing bonds people more than running together! Another great memory I have is attending the Summer Enrichment Academy that Bellefontaine City Schools hosted and getting to participate in crime-solving scenarios, television production, and history lessons.
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Meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine - requirements
Meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine - requirements
These immunizations are required for school attendance by law under the Ohio Revised Code section 3313.67 and 3313.671. Your family physician, local pharmacy, or the Logan County Health District can complete these immunizations.
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BMS - Momentum Award
The Momentum Award recognizes schools that have received A’s on every value-added measure included on the 2016 Ohio School Report Card. The value added measure takes into account several student populations including gifted, students with disabilities, the lowest 20% of students and all students. Unlike the state achievements measure which captures a students’ performance at a single point in time, value added measures a students’ growth between two points in time. It’s a measure about students’ growth and progress; it is not about passing one test on one given day.
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Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Logan County will begin offering the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to all families with children age birth to five starting January of 2017.
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